firmail Firmail

Make your data your data

Firmail makes fully data control reality.

Instant messaging

Rich and flexible APIs help you easily meet common needs in social communication, corporate collaboration, live interaction, online customer service, game confrontation and other scenarios.

Server-side authentication mechanism, real-time control of user behavior, to ensure data security and reliability in the chat process

Secure and controllable sharing of files and messages

Safeguard your message and data throughout the process.Even in the cloud, ciphertext is stored

Make your data yours,But the file is always under your control. You can modify or retrieve the file at any time to view and use it.

Secure cloud storage

Massive, Safe, Low Cost and High Reliability Cloud Storage Services.

Flexible expansion of capacity and processing capacity

Professional anti-cracking, anti-black, end-to-end encryption technology


Process Protection,Hook Detection,File Detection

Actively counteract piracy

Precisely to detect the tamper software behavior according to critical character of debug, reverse engineer tools;Memory Protection

Anti-Hacker Database updating and upgrading

New encryption concept

Creative introduction of Security Service components

Professional security LABS continue to fight hackers

Single-machine/network integration