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About US

Fircloud(Beijing)Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional data security sharing application provider founded in 2017。 In order to ensure that the whole life cycle of data can be controlled, we creatively adopt the data cloud authorization mode, so that data owners can still control data while sharing data。
What have we brought to the world?

Protect the organization's data wealth. We provide cross-platform data security sharing applications, protects internal data from organizational boundaries, and shares files outside the organization. Documents are still controlled by the owner in the hands of the recipient, and protects the controllability of the organization's data wealth throughout the life cycle。 Promote the sound development of the industry. We advocate openness, cooperation and win-win situation, cooperate with many software developers to innovate, expand the value of data protection, and form a win-win cooperation software platform. It not only brings direct tax contribution to the country, promotes local employment, and forms the driving effect of industrial chain, but also creates the digital engine through innovative ICT solutions, promotes the digital transformation of all walks of life, promotes economic growth and improves people's quality of life and well-being。 Provide a stage for the strugglers. We adhere to the "struggler culture" and evaluate employees and select cadres with responsibility contribution, which provides a positive development platform for employees, so that a large number of young people have the opportunity to shoulder heavy responsibilities, grow rapidly, and reap reasonable returns and life experiences worth remembering。 What do we insist on? At the beginning of the establishment of the company, it is clear that data is the property of users. We can't get plaintext data in any way. It is our original intention and the principle we have always adhered to that we insist on protecting the ownership of data.